Lilly Luck

First Impressions

I saw a screenshot of Lilly Luck posing in a bunny costume as I was browsing through her tour and I couldn`t stop thinking about it. What was the video going to be like? Was she just sitting around or was she showing off her naughty body and doing a striptease? Lilly is an attractive girl with a slender and sexy body that could have been used to walk the runways modeling expensive clothes and when she says she`s excited about having her own site I actually believe her. I also watched her video sample and thought it was terrific so I`d recommend everyone else give that a shot as well.

Hot Promises

First she says that she`s excited to be doing a site and it seems perfectly reasonable. Then she shows you proof of how much fun she`s having and why she would be excited. We see her stripping in pictures and modeling her ass and tits. We see her sucking on a dildo in a sample video and we watch as her hands run up and down her body in a very erotic motion. This girl knows what guys like and she promises to bring it to us. She also says her videos and pictures are high quality, exclusive and updated frequently. Now I can`t wait to see what she has inside!


The very first thing you`ll see is a link to her blog where she keeps in contact with her members. It`s the only part of her site where you get any personal info and that`s actually a little disappointing. The best solo girl sites are all about the contact but this will have to do. On the blog you get personal information, there`s a question and answer post where she answers some pretty detailed questions, and she often just rambles about stuff that interests her, which is cool. There are also pictures with each set to titillate.

The latest picture and video additions are also found on the main page and at the moment she`s adding two picture updates per week and one video every two weeks. That`s a pretty good pace but I`d like to see more video content. It`s also not entirely accurate to say it`s two new picture updates since almost all her sets are divided into two parts and uploaded separately. Because she`s posing in the same location and outfit it doesn`t feel fresh when that second part comes up. Let`s just say she`s doing one picture set a week and one video every two weeks. Six new sets a month, basically.

The first thing I did when jumping into the member`s area was download that video of her in the bunny outfit. It was a big file, 222mb, but it looked good like all the rest at 1024x576 and 2800kbps. If the bit rate was upped a little more the video would have been crystal clear and perfect. It`s still pretty good but not quite as awesome as I would have liked. The movie turned out to be a smoking clip. She`s sitting on her deck wearing a pink and white bunny costume with ears and she`s smoking a cigarette slowly and lustily. That`s fun but I was honesty hoping for something a little dirtier. That`s one of the problems with the videos. The only information you`re given for them is a small screenshot. There`s no title, no description and no more pictures. That makes it pretty damn hard to make the right choice.

If you have a good broadband connection you can just download them all and have fun though. The server speeds are lightning quick so it should never take you long to get your hands on her video entertainment. In the other scenes you`ll see more interaction, like when she strips from her pink lingerie and rubs her tits and her pussy for us. Of the eight videos she has published so far that one is my favorite. The video where she gives a simulated blowjob to a dildo on a stick. I think it`s a lollipop, is pretty awesome too.

Her site was launched in June 2009 or at least that`s when the first content is labeled as having been uploaded and so far she has 37 galleries uploaded (it`s more like half that though since they`re all split in two) and if she continues to update regularly the site will only get better. Right now it feels a little small but that`s the nature of a fresh site. The trade off is that you get to enjoy a brand new girl. My disappointment with the bunny video was entirely washed away when I saw her in that same costume in a picture gallery. This time she was indoors and it looked even better thanks to the crisp pictures that display at 1024px. The tight pink material was so tight against her breasts I couldn`t tear my eyes away. I love it!

In other galleries you`ll see her modeling bikinis, cute t-shirts, lovely lingerie sets, skimpy dresses and bra and panty sets among other things. My favorite lingerie set has her in a sheer black teddy with red lace around the breasts and pussy. Like the rest of her sets it`s sexy thanks to her beautiful body, her great smile and her general magnetism. Lilly Luck gets fully nude for you, although she doesn`t flaunt her pussy like some girls. You will see the lips and you will no doubt enjoy them but she doesn`t spread her legs and finger lustily or fuck her hole with dildos. She does masturbate in the videos but it`s natural, not over the top and filthy (which is good or bad depending on your personal preferences).

There are zip files for every picture gallery and like with the videos they download quickly. Lilly Lucky reminds me a little of Mischa Barton, the famous actress. She has the same long and lean body with small tits and a tight ass and she even has the same type of hair. They`re both hotties and this one you can see naked as you please. You can just visit the tour and check her out to see if she appeals to you though. If she does her site will definitely be a pleasure.

The one thing you might balk at is the exceptionally high price of $34.95/month. It`s bold to charge that much when you`ve just launched and you have very little content but they`re doing it. They try to make it more palatable by giving you access to nine bonus sites free of charge. Each site stars a sexy young chick (two are multiple girl sites) doing the same kind of sensual posing. There are fully naked girls and topless girls but they all have your entertainment and arousal in mind.

Croco’s Opinion

Lilly Luck is young and beautiful and in her picture galleries and videos she models her fully nude body along with all sorts of sexy outfits, lingerie sets and bikinis. She does stripteases and sweet posing in her picture sets and she will play with her pussy and her lovely little tits in her videos. She is currently adding a new picture set once a week and a new video every two weeks. The site is too expensive no matter how you look at it but with nine young babe bonus sites it`s a pretty hefty collection and as long as they all continue to update it will be satisfying long into the future. If you like Lilly you can count on her site being a good experience.


The only navigational problem is the lack of information for the videos. One screenshot is not enough to help me make a good choice.

Pricing Policy

They ask $34.95/month and $69.95 for 30 days.

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